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Clock Day 2017

2017-08-15 05:50:50 by RobertClock

Happy Clock Day, Newgrounds!

I want to start by saying what a tremendous honour it is to be one of the featured wall artists, especially alongside the likes of the hyper talented ZombieLincoln. Thank you, Tom, and thank you Luwano, for helping this happen! I'm without words to describe how exciting it is, or how happy it makes me.

For my cartoon this year, I wanted to try something a little different stylistically, but made an effort to keep it in the same vein as my previous Clock Day outings like 'The Hangover Part IV' or 'Cometh the Hour'. I have another huge thank you to send out to GoldenClock, for the fantastic original music he whipped up just for this toon. What a swell guy!

I hope you all enjoy, and if you've got the Clock Day bug, take a shot over to our forums and join the ranks?
Resistence is futile.


Edit 2: Wow. Daily second and my first weekly prize. I'm absolutely floored, thank you all so much!


2016-08-15 19:41:59 by RobertClock

!!!!! F I F T E E N     Y E A R S !!!!!!

A great big massive thank you to both Tom Fulp and Luwano for making the rad as fuck RobClock emoticon! I have never been so flattered in my entire life, and I honestly don't deserve it.

Check out my ridiculously late-to-the-party cartoon: The Hangover IV: The Final Chapter!

Happy Clock Day!!


2015-08-15 08:54:43 by RobertClock

2015 has been, without question, my least active year on Newgrounds since I signed up. It's a shame, really. I'm of course working full time now, which limits the amount of time you can really dedicate to animation, but there is no excuse for my low productivity these last 8 months.

I'd say I'll do something about that, but it would make me a liar.



2014-08-15 01:04:49 by RobertClock

Happy Clock Day, Newgrounds!

Back in 2012, the Clock Crew unvieled the greatest collaboration in the history of Flash animation in 'Pass the Ca$h', and this year we've lined up to hit another in-park grand slam, so keep your eyes tuned to The Official Clock Crew account! Until then, keep yourself busy with some other fantastic efforts by my fellow clocks, like RadioTube's OnTheBoat Collab.

And, of course, my masterpiece; 'Cometh The Hour'!


edit: My first time on the front page! Thanks everyone!


February 2014

2014-01-25 17:50:45 by RobertClock


The Artist Formerly Known as 'theicecubeclock'

2014-01-05 17:06:10 by RobertClock

I've changed my username. I've been going by 'Rob Clock' for about 5 years now so it's long past time I got rid of  the alias I never owned properly to begin with. What does this mean for the future?? Probably very little.

Clock Day 2013

2013-08-15 08:27:51 by RobertClock


Vote five!

Oh my god, has it really been nearly 6 months since my last Flash? That simply won't do!

I know you've all missed my qualitative magnificence, so I've decided that I'll be putting the nose to the grindstone and participating fully in this year's (The fourth annual) Clock Crew Flash Flood! One flash, every day, for the next 27 days!

Prepare your sweat drenched anuses, Newgrounds.

Flash Flood IV: The New Beginning

Happy Clockoween!

2012-10-31 21:16:21 by RobertClock

Yes, friends that most glorious of months, Clocktober, has come to an end, and with it so all must be revealed- as such it has been! Find the answers to the most difficult questions of life within the newest Clock Crew masterwork: Clockhouse Theatre! Vote Five!

Happy Clockoween!

Clock Day 2012

2012-08-15 07:21:18 by RobertClock

Happy Clock Day again, Newgrounds!

This here's my 6th Clock Day, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm starting to feel a bit older. I was 12 years old when I joined the Clock Crew. It's probably safe to say that I've changed a fair bit, and Newgrounds isn't the same kind of cesspool it used to be.

But, like time itself, The Clock Crew marches on; Eternal and inescapable.

Here's my flash,also; the greatest Collaboration in the history of Newgrounds.

Vote five, fewels.

Clock Day 2012